Ultra Street Fighter IV Player Has Skills, In Game & On Tinder


It takes a certain amount of dedication to “get good” at playing video games like

Ultra Street Fighter IV

competitively. Just like with acting, skilled trades and performing opera, practice makes perfect. For fighting game community members, that means sacrificing a lot of social time in order to become the very best at their ever-changing game. That’s why love may not be met on the battlefield, but online between matches on dating apps. That’s what happened during a Team Spooky

Ultra Street Fighter IV

stream the other day, as Lil Evil took time between rounds at a recent tournament

to look for a match on Tinder


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For those who are unaware, Tinder is a social media dating app that lets people sign up with their Facebook accounts in order to create a profile consisting of 5 of their photos, plus their relevant bio information. Users in their area can view other people’s profiles and swipe right on their mobile devices to indicate their interest in that person, or swipe left to pass. Once two people swipe right on each other, they become “matched” and a chat dialogue opens up. Between the two, whatever happens next is up to them.

Down 0-1 to start off the video, Lil Evil wasn’t finding much luck with either his Evil Ryu, nor his Tinder game. He wasn’t finding matches with anyone as he evened up the bout at 1-1. Fast forward to the end of the match, where Lil Evil pulls out the come-from-behind victory. It is only once his Ultra Street Fighter IV game has been appropriately stepped up where his Tinder game levels out, as he ends up with a match with a (presumably) lovely lady, as well!

It’s the perfect underdog story, and an amazing coincidence that the magic happened to be captured on stream, where the stream monsters were just eating up. Who knows how long it will take before we see a Mrs. Lil Evil!

h/t Patrick Miller

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