The Top 5 Tales Games

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#1. Tales Of Vesperia: This is the Tales series at its peak, no question. It’s a big improvement to the 3D movement in battle introduced in Abyss, and the new skill system, where you learned stuff by using weapons enough times to learn a skill, and being able to use it even without the weapon equipped after you learned it. It probably features the strongest cast and story in the whole series to date. And this is such a shame because it’s one of the worst-selling games in the series. Note it’s for the Xbox 360 (back when Microsoft was putting effort in having exclusive Japanese games on their systems and actually had a pretty varied jrpg line-up with games like Eternal Sonata, Blue Dragon & Vesperia), which no one in Japan bought and the American 360 audience had little appetite for Jrpgs. It even won an award for “Best Game No One Played 2008” along with numerous nominations (and awards) for best rpg of 2008. It’s a real shame the PS3 re-release (which had 2 new playable characters!) never made it out here. There’s still time Bandai Namco, DO IT! In the meantime, if you have access to a 360 and haven’t played Vesperia, do yourself a favor and download it, it’s one of the best jrpgs of the last generation and it’s a shame so few played it.

Ok that’s the list, feel free to tell me how horribly wrong I am in the comments with your picks. In the mean time, I’ll be heavily anticipating the release of Tales of Xillia 2 this Tuesday, August 19th.


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