The Top 5 Tales Games

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#4: Tales of Symphonia: Though Symphonia marked the series move to a battlefield that appeared to be in 3D, you were still limited to a 2D plane of combat. But (for the time, it seems pretty slow now in the Chronicles release for PS3) the action was fast and forced you to quickly think on your feet. The story is definitely hokey, but several of the characters in Symphonia still stand out as some of my favorites in series history such as Lloyd, Kratos & Sheena. This is where “skits” were first introduced, which allowed a lot more character development and were usually pretty entertaining. I also really liked the “affection” system, which did actually affect how some things played out in the game like love interests and certain characters living or dying (though it didn’t really change the overall story). The music is some of the best in the series as well, and the “affection Also arguably the best rpg on the Gamecube, though admittedly that isn’t saying a whole lot.