Gamescom 2014: Tearaway Unfolded is Alternative Control Galore


During the gamescom 2014 Sony press conference, developer Media Molecule (or Mm) showed off their newest title Tearaway Unfolded. Set in a world made of paper, the Tearaway series (the first title being on the Vita if you hadn’t heard of it) is all about interacting with the environment using an ingenious control scheme. So for Tearaway Unfolded, players will be using the Dualshock 4’s touchpad and light bar to interact with the world in interesting ways. Tearaway Unfolded was made with the Playstation 4’s controls in mind: Rex from Mm stated that “what we did was we looked at [Playstation 4’s] hardware at the same way we did the Vita… to really explore what we could do to see how the controller and the world would respond to each other.”

By the look of things, the controller interactivity is on point. The touchpad is used in all sorts of ways: from creating gusts of wind to bouncing the hero off of launch pads, it is clear that the entire game has been built around creating a unique control experience. That being said, the visuals have received a whole lot of thought as well. The world of Tearaway Unfolded is a beautiful paper landscape where everything moves with a believable stop-motion feel.

The world of Tearaway Unfolded is a beautiful paper landscape where everything moves with a believable stop-motion feel.

As with all games that are made with unique control schemes in mind, the main question is whether or not it will actually be fun to interact with the world in strange ways. The people at Mm have proven that they know how to handle creative controls. The original Tearaway got some high praise from around the industry (the game currently has a score of 87 at Metacritic) and was based off of the same type of unique controller interaction. If you shiver at the thought of abandoning your beloved two-stick control scheme this may not be the game for you; but if you want to see something new and creative on the Playstation 4 that will bend your mind, Tearaway Unfolded may be just what you’re looking for.

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