Fable Legends Multiplayer Beta Coming Oct. 16


Today, Fable Legends developers Lionhead Studios announced a multiplayer beta of the upcoming game would be available on Xbox One starting October 16 of this year. There is a beta registration option on the official Fable Legends website, so get over there and sign up!

Fable has always been a series built around freedom of choice. In Fable 1, 2 and 3, decisions were everywhere for the player – opportunities to be good, evil, and sometimes downright odd. Fable Legends still appears to be all about freedom, but this time around it is freedom of a different style. Instead of endlessly customizing your one hero, there are several thematically static heroes to choose from. Taking inspiration from MOBAs and MMOs, heroes in Fable Legends have a defined role. Shroud is a stealthy, bow-carrying assassin, Inga is a heavily armored tank… you get the idea. Also important is the mandatory 4-player team. If you choose to play alone, however, that’s no problem: you’ll be given three AI compatriots to back you up.

Not much is known about the enigmatic Villain – perhaps by design

Unless, of course, being the villain is more your thing. Players who would rather take on a more sinister role can become The Villain, a mysterious big bad who commands the minions the four heroes have to face. This side of the exeperience plays more like a tower-defense game – The Villain points minions towards wayward heroes, attempting to pick them off one by one and controlling the flow of engagements.

Admittedly, I always felt that the Fable series was a bit ‘RPG Lite,’ but this reimagining of the Fable world into a cooperative 4v1/dungeon crawler/MOBA/tower defense title has really piqued my interest. If Fable has not been your cup of tea in the past, it might be worth your while to keep an eye on this one anyways – just in case.