Madden 15 Player Ratings: AFC, NFC West Breakdown

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NFC West

Seattle Seahawks

Overall Rating: 91

When your team wins the Super Bowl, your team has a great chance of being rated the best overall. It helps when you have the cover athlete in Richard Sherman (99), as well as 3 other Top Players all at 93 or above. Russel Wilson (93) can’t be beat by many, while Arch Duke Kam Chancellor (93) and Earl Thomas III (95) round out the excellence that is the Legion of Boom. Plus, with Marshawn Lynch reporting to camp and posts 99 in Trucking in Stiff Arm, Darren Sharper and others can’t even begin to contain him. Madden 15 player ratings “Czar” Donny Moore appears to love the Seahawks; biasedly or not is up to the community (he is a Bucs fan from Florida, however, so there’s no claiming he’s a bandwagon fan just yet).