With Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha..."/>

With Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha..."/>

7 Features That Need To Return in Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire

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The Battle Frontier

The essence of every Pokemon plot is the same: collect eight badges, take down an evil team, and defeat a league of elite trainers and a champion. That won’t change. But so much of the joy in Pokemon games appears after the credits roll. So it’s no surprise that over half this list is made up of endgame content.

Exclusive to Emerald and the 4th gen games, the Battle Frontier featured several different facilities where trainers must succeed in a series of battles to reach a Frontier Brain, obtaining their symbol upon defeat. Each facility presented the trainer with different challenges, such as survival battles (Battle Arena), battles without trainer input (Battle Palace), or the ever-popular Battle Tower. The Battle Frontier was a highly unique challenge that tested trainers on their ability to strategize and use different Pokemon effectively. If the Battle Frontier makes a return, it could use the 3DS’s wireless so that friends could compete with one another or complete challenges together, adding yet another element of challenge and excitement to endgame team building and competitive battling.