With Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha..."/>

With Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha..."/>

7 Features That Need To Return in Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire

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Since Gold and Silver, every game in the Pokemon series has featured the passage of time. Some games had a full day and night cycle, with lighting changes depending on the time of day. Certain events or Pokemon only appeared at certain times. Ruby and Sapphire added weather: sometimes a route would be sunny, or enveloped in a gentle rain, or locked in the throes of a full-on thunderstorm. Black and White introduced seasons, featuring snowy winters, flowery springs, and leafy autumns. Yet no Pokemon game yet has truly managed to capture all three of these features in their full capacity simultaneously.

I’m hoping for a game where all aspects of time and season change the visible structure of Hoenn, where the weather is always different and in accordance with the season. Remember the pile of leaves you could only run across in autumn in Black and White 2? I’d love to see a lake that would rise with rainfall, or freeze over in the winter months. There are so many beautiful possibilities that could add atmosphere and mystery to Hoenn if all these features could be combined in one game.