With Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha..."/>

With Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha..."/>

7 Features That Need To Return in Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire

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An Expansive World

One of the biggest disappointments about X and Y was the lack of endgame content. If you weren’t interested in competitive battling, there was nothing to do after defeating the Elite Four apart from one sidequest in Lumiose City. Yet I remember Hoenn as seemingly endless: I fished for hours on Route 119 for an elusive Feebas, dove into the ocean to explore hidden caves, and visited Pacifidlog Town daily to find out if Mirage Island was visible or not. FireRed and LeafGreen had the Sevii Islands; Gold and Silver (and their remakes) invited trainers to explore Kanto as well as Johto; Black and White 2 sent the curious trainer to areas from the first Black and White, featured Hidden Grottos with rare Pokemon and items, and let the player set up their own shopping strip in Join Avenue.

With so many possibilities for secrets, extra areas, and new adventures, there’s no reason Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire shouldn’t have even more endgame content than their originals.