With Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha..."/>

With Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha..."/>

7 Features That Need To Return in Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire

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Trainer Customization

After generations of generic male or female trainers, X and Y finally allowed trainers to choose their skin, hair, eyes, and clothing…inevitably resulting in hours of playtime spent in the Pokemon Center dressing rooms. As thrilling as it was to see all the unique trainer faces spin across my lower 3DS screen in online mode, the screenshots for ORAS thus far show no sign of bringing back this well-loved feature. Brendan and May, the trainer characters from Ruby and Sapphire, have experienced a slight overhaul of their original appearance, but remain painfully the same in every screenshot–with awkward pigtails and a silly white hat (yes, apparently it’s a hat, and not his hair).

This does not eliminate the possibility of customization, however. Early screenshots of X and Y only presented the two main characters in their default forms; customization reveals came later. Ideally, any new games in the series would include even more options for appearances than X and Y. When so many games now offer detailed customization of facial features, costumes, and appearances, it would be remiss of Nintendo to take a step backward, even if they’re just trying to be true to the originals.