Morning DLC: Video Games News And Rumors 6/27/14


"Google has renovated its YouTube service by allowing the video player to display 60fps footage for the first time.The move means that users can soon upload videos of games that render in 60fps and watch a ‘true’ representation on YouTube. Previously, the Google-owned web video service could only render in 30fps.Marking the occasion was a new trailer for Battlefield Hardline, in development at EA’s Visceral Games, displayed in its native frame rate."


"I still haven’t seen the movie, thanks to Japan being one of the last areas to premiere Godzilla in theatres, but I hope it’s even half as awesome as the monster lizard’s latest upcoming game looks.Slated for release in late 2014 from developer Bandai Namco, in Godzilla players will control the iconic unstoppable destructive force of nature as he rips his way through cities, because that’s what he does. According to developers, the game will be a mission-based action game with a tactical element involving how buildings are utilized during your rampage.On the visual side, the developers are apparently putting a lot into recreating the unique classic “tokusatsu” atmosphere, from the camera filters and angles, to the explosions having the look and feel of special effect pyrotechnics."

Kotaku Australia

"Following the success of Titanfall, its debut game which has become the best-selling Xbox One game to date, Respawn is looking forward to new projects. Although the studio is staying tight-lipped, it did let slip in an interview with CVG a few details about where it is turning its attention.Earlier this month, Respawn hired veteran game designer Stig Asmussen. The designer, who worked on the God of War trilogy, is now game director at the Titanfall developer. In the interview, Respawn COO Dusty Welch revealed that Asmussen was not brought on just to help with Titanfall. “I can tell you that part of his role here is thinking about how the studio can expand and where the growth sectors are in free-to-play and mobile,” Zampella explained. “Looking at those possibilities is part of what we do.”"