Steelseries H Wireless Gaming Headset


There are a lot of gaming headphones in the world and they all have different pros and cons, but there aren’t nearly as many wireless gaming headsets.  The gaming peripheral company Steelseries has come through again with a stunning wireless gaming headset that you won’t believe how good they are until you try them.

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Steelseries is the makers of some of the most renowned gaming accessories.  From the Apex keyboards, to the Sensei mice and perhaps most notably the Siberia series of gaming headsets.  It is without question that Steelseries has entrenched itself in the hearts and minds of gamers worldwide.  It is with that in mind that sparked my interest in trying one of their newest headsets, the Steelseries H Wireless.

The Steelseries H Wireless headphones come eloquently packaged, (as does everything from Steelseries) in a firm and stylish box, reverberating that no detail was overlooked.  The headphones are closed-back ear cups that boast Dolby virtual surround sound, a retractable mic, (which if you haven’t tried before is an ingenious feature) and very comfortable memory foam padding.  It also has a nifty Sound Share plug, the enables the user to share his/her audio with another person.  There is also a wheel on the back right ear cup that controls the transmitter.

entrenched itself in the hearts and minds of gamers worldwide

The transmitter has a sharp OLED display that clearly shows the menu and settings.  On the right side of the transmitter there is a slot where you can charge the second battery.  Steelseries never wanted you to run out so an extra battery is included.  It has a five band EQ that allows you to toggle through different settings to more customize your listening preferences.  Steelseries also added the ChatMix and LiveMix within the transmitter which will allow the user to increase either the game volume or chat volume as deemed necessary.  All of these settings can be controlled with the perfectly placed wheel on the back of the ear cup, or the dials on the transmitter.

The Steelseries H Wireless headphones are compatible with PC/Mac, Xbox 360/Xbox One, (you will need the Xbox One Stereo Adapter to chat) PS3/PS4, AppleTV/Roku, home entertainment unit and mobile devices.  In other words, just about every device you could own.

The Verdict

Well I must admit, I had some doubts that the sound quality would live up to some of the hype, but it was fantastic.  I used them to play Titanfall and it was undoubtedly the best experience I have had with the game.  Bass was very punchy, but not so much that it drowned out the crisp highs.   I have tried many headphones and what I often find is that they lack a good balance between highs, mids, and lows.  They just aren’t typically designed with the audiophile in mind.  The H Wireless, however, do a magnificent job of balancing the complete sound spectrum. I didn’t just test them with games, I also tried them with a variety of music genres and I watched a Blu-ray version of The Hobbit.  They again excelled.  I could not have been more pleased with the way they sound.

Considering that they are wireless it seemed like a good plan to find out what kind of range they had.  I hooked the transmitter up in my living room and then proceeded to walk all around the house.  I never lost the signal.  It was not until I walked out into my backyard that it lost connection.  Thankfully I don’t have any intention of playing games or watching movies in the backyard.

a magnificent job of balancing the complete sound spectrum

There is one negative, these headphones are expensive.  At $299, they will make even the most dedicated gamers stop and question if they are worth it.  Don’t be swayed by the large price tag because as the old adage goes sometimes “you get what you pay for.”  These are wonderful headsets and I couldn’t recommend them more.  Bravo Steelseries.