OOTP 15 And Franchise Hockey Manager 25 Percent Off During Steam Summer Sale


If you like sports sims but don’t like spending a lot of money, we’d normally make fun of you for being cheap. But thanks to the Steam Summer Sale, you can get OOTP 15 and Franchise Hockey Manager at great prices while maintaining your thrifty ways and we’ll be forced to call you smart instead.

Now through June 28, OOTP 15 is $29.99 and FHM is just $14.99. Yes, they’ll probably take up all of your free time if you’re big on games that allow you to manage your own sports franchises, but that’s just the risk you’ll have to take to get them at these prices.

If saving money and controlling the lives of virtual athletes isn’t enough for you, OOTP Developments has also created 10 Steam Trading Cards for Franchise Hockey Manager. You’ll get one when you buy the game on Steam, and to get the others, you’ll probably have to trade with other people. Hence the name.

The ball (or puck, as applicable) is in your court. Grab these two games this week while they’re on sale or compromise your principles and buy them at full price later. Your wallet will thank you for making the right choice.