GOG.com Summer Sale Heats Up With Magrunner: Dark Pulse For Free And 30 Bundles


The summer heat is here in earnest in Central Pennsylvania, and sometimes it makes people do crazy things. Of course there’s a good kind of crazy too, like the kind that GOG.com is exhibiting with its latest Summer Sale.

It’s kicking off with a bang with Magrunner: Dark Pulse being offered for the low, low price of free. Yep, you can grab the first-person, physics-based puzzle game for no monies now through June 19 at 12:59 GMT.

That’s just the appetizer for this Summer Sale BBQ though. The main course consists of 30 delicious bundle deals, perfect for filling your digital library with awesome games that you’ll regret not having enough time to play. They’re being served buffet style, as all 30 bundles are available at the same time, meaning today and tomorrow. Plus there are 30 flash deals that can pop up at any time. I guess those are the smores if I’m taking this analogy all the way to its logical conclusion.

Just to prove how crazy it really is, GOG.com even made Cthulu its unofficial Summer Sale mascot. You wouldn’t want to refuse an invitation from him, so it behooves you to head over to feel the Summer Sale heat right now.