New Blood Bowl 2 Screenshots Show Off Dwarf Teams And Stadium


We’ve already been treated to some Human and Orc screenshots from Cyanide and Focus Home Interactive’s upcoming Blood Bowl 2, but fans of the franchise know they aren’t the only two races participating in this violent football-like spectacle. How about another one?

Those companies unveiled the third of three playable races today with brand new screenshots of Dwarf players and stadiums. What the Dwarfs lack in speed and stature, they make up in toughness, combativeness (often not even caring much about the ball!) and the ability to come up with some gizmos that can change the game in an instant. Mostly, they love a chance to drink Bugman’s Beer and have a good fight, and Blood Bowl 2 will give them plenty of chances to do both.

Focus Home Interactive will have a booth at E3 next week in Los Angeles, where Blood Bowl 2 will undoubtedly be shown off in even more detail. Until then, enjoy the screenshots (more than the Dwarfs’ Human opponents are, for sure) and keep pondering which Warhammer race you’re planning to guide to the top when the game launches for PC.