War Thunder Flies Onto PS4 June 3rd


Seriously, I’m starting to wonder why anyone who owns a PS4 even buys games these days. You get free games every month through PlayStation Plus, and have great free games like DC Universe Online and Warframe to play.

Well, thanks to the official announcement from the PlayStation Blog, we can get excited about yet another F2P title, War Thunder (which has no relation to Warframe). It hits the PS4 on June 3rd.

War Thunder features historical planes and armored vehicles, but allows you to play either in a more realistic or more arcade style, depending on how you want to play. The PS4 version will include all the major updates that have already been put into the PC. version. Developer Gaijin Entertainment had this to say about the PlayStation 4 release:

"Our idea was to present PS4 players in North America with the latest version of the game, and today we’re proud to announce that War Thunder is coming out on June 3rd and it includes the Ground Forces expansion from the start! And, of course, all of the other exciting features found in the latest 1.41 version of the game — 350 different planes, squadron battles, 150 different multi-player missions, and single-player campaigns and scenarios.We can’t wait for launch, and we’re are preparing something special for PS4 players — stay tuned to PlayStation.Blog to hear more details soon!"

Wat do you think, GameSided readers? Excited about yet another free game on your PS4? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!