Project Beast Gameplay Footage Emerges In Webm Form


UPDATE: Thanks to commenter “GD,” who found the compiled Project Beast clips in one video, complete with orchestral scoring. Definitely feeling those Souls vibes now! Check out the video above.

ORIGINAL: It was about a month ago when screenshots of in-development From Software video game Project Beast first emerged on 4chan. Now, the infamous leaker has returned to post high-quality .webm files of the game in action on the notorious /v/ imageboard.

Because threads get pruned off the board forever in a matter of hours, a NeoGAF member named drotahorror has reposted them here, showing off 4 short-format video clips of Project Beast.

Clip 1 shows the beginning crawl of the From Software logo, focusing on a dark, mysterious figure walking through a regular gate, as the camera cuts to a castle in the distance and the skeletal remains of an unfortunate soul. Clip 2 shows the adventurer traverse what appears to be a soul/fog gate. Clip 3 shows the adventurer slowly walk towards what appears to be a demonic boss creature. Finally, clip 4 highlights some sword-and-gun-based combat against a crowd of lesser ghouls and human-like beasts.

The leaker of the Project Beast footage states that the game will be a PS4 exclusive, Sony Japan Studio is involved and recently-named From Software president Hidetaka Miyazaki is directing the game.

The .webm files look legit, and include some of the same images shown in the screenshots. While nothing has officially been confirmed, Project Beast is as real as it can be without an official announcement. Whether we see that announcement happen at E3, gamescom or Tokyo Game Show remains to be seen.

With that said, a turn-of-the-century action RPG, featuring swords, guns and low fantasy may be one of the cooler twists on the Dark and Demon’s Souls concepts that From Software is known for. It is highly unlikely (read: near impossible), but if Sony could get this alleged PS4 exclusive out by the end of the year, it would do wonders for the console. Driveclub is the only remaining exclusive left on Sony’s PS4 docket.

We’ll be on the lookout for more Project Beast information as it becomes available.


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