Pokemon Delta Emerald Trademark Filing Spotted


It appears as though the prime canonical Pokemon entries within the Gameboy Advance era will all receive a Nintendo 3DS remake. Gematsu has noted that “Delta Emerald” was trademarked by Nintendo over in Japan, which is likely following the remake trend of Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Pokemon Omega Ruby.

A remake of Pokemon Emerald has not been announced, but Nintendo filing a trademark for the name does tip their hand for a possibility of double-dipping on three more previous gaming entries, not two. It’s possible that they just want to hold onto the naming rights in order to prevent others from doing so.

If Nintendo does release a Pokemon Delta Emerald, then it continues to expand upon a troubling trend hat the Japanese games company has been known for in the past; saturating the Pokemon market. If you think about it, the only reason to hold back a small amount of Pokemon characters and make them exclusive to one version over the other is to make parents and of-age gamers to buy more than one full priced game. Especially when all other gameplay changes are negligible.

To remake essentially the Director’s Cut of Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire, as well as to remake those games separately, would be an unfortunate means of cashing in on old properties. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that with this Delta Emerald trademark filing. As much as those games are enjoyable titles, remaking all three games is a bit extreme.

h/t FanSided


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