Battlecry Announced With A Reveal Trailer


The reveal trailer for the upcoming game Battlecry was released today.  The game is being developed by Battlecry Studios and published by Bethesda.  It is a highly stylized free-to play 32 person action game, taking place in a dystopian past where gunpowder has been banned after an early-20th-century devastating world war. That last part sounds familiar…

Regardless, combat in the world of Battlecry now takes place in sanctioned WarZones with warriors who were born from day naught to engage in battle. Currently, the game has three classes of warriors with two more being developed for launch with the beta, scheduled for 2015.  The classes are:

  • Enforcer: Carries a massive sword and a transformative shield to inflict and absorb large amounts of damage.
  • Tech Archer: Deals high amounts of damage from afar.
  • Duelist: Uses speed and stealth to attack.

Battlecry also allows for a multitude of upgrades and customizing to help enhance the game strategies.  If you go to the website you can sign up for beta access, which hopefully will be in early 2015. Editor’s note: With a world conceptualized by Viktor Antonov (who previously worked on Half-Life 2, Dishonored), there should be enough widespread appeal behind the project to keep gamers interested. -Daniel

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