Battlefield: Hardline Trailer Leaks Online


Blink and EA might have pulled it down, but an in-depth 7 minute trailer for the recently confirmed Battlefield: Hardline has leaked online. Give it a look below:

Given the massive problems that EA had with Battlefield 4, it’s a little surprising that they are determined to pump out another one so soon with the bad taste still in a lot of gamers’ mouths.

This trailer does seem to address one major problem with the previous game: that being the poor single-player campaign. Battlefield: Hardline seems to take a new tack, focusing on a more urban setting and including elements from shows like The Shield (one of my all time favorites). Whether or not EA has really learned their lesson we won’t know until the game is out in the wild and players can test it out for themselves.

One promising note is that Visceral, known for the Dead Space series, is taking the lead rather than the usual DICE team that handles Battlefield games.This would obviously bring a fresh take on the series and hopefully free up DICE to focus their efforts on the upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront title. It’s just too bad that Battlefield is most likely to be at least slightly shackled by still being a cross-gen franchise.

What do you think, GameSided readers? Are you excited for an all new Battlefield by a different team? Do you want DICE to have another go at it? Or should the franchise take a short breather? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!