All Pre-Ordered PS4 Games To Offer Pre-Loading Beginning With Destiny


So here’s some good news if you’re a PS4 owner: you’ll be able to pre-load all games you’ve pre-ordered before the end of 2014.

Not yet though. Beginning with Destiny, which releases on September 9, all games pre-ordered through the PlayStaion Store will support pre-loading, meaning you can download them ahead of time and they will unlock at midnight on whatever day they happen to launch.

Why bother pre-ordering a digital copy, since it obviously doesn’t need to be reserved? Maybe you don’t like the ritual of going to wait in line at stores for midnight releases and hanging out with your fellow gamers (which would be sad). Maybe you live too far from the nearest game store or simply don’t want to be bothered with a physical copy.

In any case, the ability to pre-load allows you to avoid having to download the game on launch day when everyone and their grandmas are looking to do the exact same thing. Actually, my grandma still prefers physical discs, which she keeps right next to her collection of 45s, but you get the idea.

Anyway, it’s something to keep in mind as you get ready for all of the big releases coming for the PS4 this fall and beyond.

(via Engadget)


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