Adapt Or Perish When Evolve Hits Oct. 21st


This October is going to be absolute murder on gamers’ wallets already, but yet another huge title is coming that month. Publisher 2K has revealed that Turtle Rock Studios multi-player shooter Evolve, in which you can either play as the hunters of a monster or the monster itself, will hit PS4, Xbox One and PC and October 21st.

2K also revealed several new hunters for Evolve and plenty of screens to go along with them:

From left to right: New Hunters Hyde, Maggie,Lazarus, Bucket and Maggie’s adorable pet Daisy

Hyde is your “assault” class. His flamethrower is probably the strongest weapon in Evolve, but has very short range. He also comes armed with a mini-gun, toxic grenades and a personal shield for defense.

Bucket is your “support” class. He’s got heat-seeking missiles, but can also set up sentry turrets and has a cloaking skill that can hide hunters within its area of effect. Need more? His head can also detach and fly around as a support drone. That’s pretty freaking cool. Admittedly, Bucket will probably be my class of choice in Evolve.

The aptly named Lazarus is your basic, but always necessary “healer” class. His primary function is reviving and healing, but he also comes equipped with a personal cloaking device for stealth tactics.

Last, but certainly not least is Maggie, your “trapper” class. Maggie can revive fallen hunters like Lazarus, but also comes armed with harpoons that root aliens in place. She also has a pet. Her name is Daisy. Isn’t that adorable? The aliens will find it doubly adorable when Daisy rips them to shreds on sight.

Evolve is sounding very cool, I just really hope it’s able to stand out in a month already bursting with tons of huge games.

What do you think, GameSided readers? Are you psyched for Evolve? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!