Sniper Elite 3 DLC Will Let You Kill Hitler, Or Will They?


Everyone’s favorite sniper game series with a Matrix-like bullet time camera effect is getting a new game soon. Sniper Elite 3 will be set during World War II once again, this time in the city of Tobruk. A recently-released trailer for the game’s “Hunt the Grey Wolf” bonus pre-order mission/DLC shows off what more WWII-era games should aspire to have; the possibility of killing Adolph Hitler.

It appears as though the world’s most hated villain has some sort of a doppelgänger issue in Sniper Elite 3. Your mission is to take out the real one and make like gangbusters out of there, as is the case with many of the game’s missions within the open-world mission environment. To hide such an intriguing concept behind a pre-order bonus is fairly disappointing, but the opportunity to kill Hitler in a video game doesn’t come around that often.

If you’re into the idea of killing Hitler, then you should probably pick up Sniper Elite 3 on PC this June 27th. Console gamers in North America (those who own a Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360 and PS3) will have to wait until July 1st to get their hands on it, while Canadians will likely have to wait until July 2nd because July 1st is Canada Day.


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