Could Rock Band Rise Again?


The era when music games ruled consoles was a relatively short one, but it was fun while it lasted. The Guitar Hero and Rock Band franchises were both a blast, as was the criminally underappreciated DJ Hero.

But their time has come and gone, never to return. Right?

Maybe not, according to Alex Rigopulos of Harmonix, who participated in a recent AMA on Reddit and made it sound like a return for Rock Band could very much be a possibility:

"I also don’t think that either GH or RB delivered enough (or the right kind of) evolution of the experience in the years that followed the initial releases–something we hope to address at some point in the next outing.Of course I was sad when Rock Band passed its (first!) peak, but one way or another, it will be back."

He later added that he saw music games in general making a comeback, but it’s still interesting to think that Harmonix hasn’t completely shoveled dirt on the idea of Rock Band-style games. Harmonix could always go the crowdfunding route to revive that brand, which might help better gauge how much interest there would be from gamers. It’s currently in the home stretch of a Kickstarter campaign for a new version of Amplitude, though at the time of this post, it hadn’t met its funding goal.

In any case, maybe we haven’t said goodbye to games with instruments but merely ’til we meet again …

(via Lazygamer)


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