Oculus Rift Coming To Roughly 30 Chuck E. Cheese Locations


In “this will go well!” news, Oculus Rift is set to take over your children’s eye space at Chuck E. Cheese, the kid’s birthday playground company has announced (in not so many words). A six-week launch test will occur within nearly 30 Chuck E. Cheese locations within the Dallas, Orlando, and San Diego area, which will see children grabbing for virtual tickets, to be redeemed for real tickets at the end of their virtual adventure.

I’m as much of a believer of the Oculus Rift and in virtual reality technology as the next…person interested in virtual reality technology, but I can see a shared head device between hundreds of filthy kids who are exposed to a plethora of germs from their friends and equipment going wrong very quickly. How long will it take until we read reports of children developing pink eye after visiting Chuck E. Cheese restaurants that offer the Oculus Rift to be included in the birthday packages?

Another issue would be the cost of equipment. When McDonalds restaurants were sporting Nintendo 64 kiosks, those controllers would be bent and broken to all hell. The console itself would likely see the same fate, were it not for the protective base it was hidden in. With Oculus Rift requiring a full range of head motion, you can’t hide the goggles behind a protective layer. It has to be open and free to use in the wild, where it will eventually be broken. With the cost of virtual reality goggles likely being much more than that of an N64 controller, cost will likely be an issue for each Chuck E. Cheese franchise.

Perhaps it will work out, perhaps it won’t. It’s up to the children of Dallas, Orlando and San Diego to decide.

h/t The Verge


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