Wasteland 2 Ready To Launch At End Of August


It had one of the most successful video game Kickstarter campaigns ever, and now it’s finally got a firmed up launch window. Wasteland 2, the sequel to Wasteland and spiritual predecessor to the Fallout series, will release in late August, bringing its turn-based RPG goodness to a familiar yet alternate post-apocalyptic America.

The game raised $2.9 million on Kickstarter, which was the seventh-highest total for a video game-related project. A portion of the game set in Arizona is already available in early access beta form on Steam.

“It’s exciting to be in the home stretch on a game I’ve been wanting to get to for the last two decades, Brian Fargo of inXile Entertainment said in a press release. “The feedback from our backers on the early beta has been great and I’m proud of the way Wasteland 2 is shaping up. The scope of the game is immense with a word count that is greater than The Lord of the Rings novels and a solid 50 hour+ game experience that has diversity from beginning to end. My goal has been to over deliver on our backers’ expectations for Wasteland 2.”

Wasteland 2 puts players in command of an elite group of Desert Rangers, carrying on the tradition of the Texas and Arizona Rangers in a dangerous and irradiated environment. Threats to the Rangers’ attempts to keep humanity intact include bandits, criminals, mutants and more. The development team at inXile has been touting the large number of personalization and customization options that begin during character creation and continue to impact the entire game throughout.

When the full game launches in late August, it will be available on PC, Mac and Linux.


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