TotalXbox, Microsoft's European publishing team boss John Needha..."/> TotalXbox, Microsoft's European publishing team boss John Needha..."/>

Quantum Break Has ‘Just Hit Full Production’


In an interview with TotalXbox, Microsoft’s European publishing team boss John Needham has revealed that sci-fi action game Quantum Break, which will also have a dedicated live television show alongside it, has “just hit full production.”

There may not be much to that simple statement, but in context it says a lot. For example, during Microsoft’s recent slate of announced Xbox Original Programming for film and television, there is no mention of a Quantum Break show. Additionally, there has not been an official release date provided for the game, with the consensus being a late 2014 addition. However, with the game just entering full production, it’s clear that Quantum Break will likely not see a release until 2015 at the earliest.

The time manipulation aspects of Quantum Break provide the most promise out of the project, a game that otherwise would fall into the unremarkable pit of cover-based third-person shooters. We should expect the game should be a huge presence to be felt at Microsoft’s upcoming E3 2014 press conference, as it is one of their grander Xbox One exclusives in terms of scale. If Remedy Entertainment need more time to get Quantum Break absolutely perfect, they should be given the time and chance to really knock it out of the park.

With the Xbox One trailing in the 8th generation console market share, they need to provide compelling reasons for consumers to buy their product. Quantum Break could prove to be that entry point for Microsoft.


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