Worms Battlegrounds Release Date Announced


Another gaming device, yet another iteration of the popular, never-ending Worms series. The release dates for Worms Battlegrounds has been announced via press release, with the silly arcade shooter coming to the Xbox One on May 30th. The PS4 version will be released digitally on June 3rd in North America.

Worms Battlegrounds is set to feature 25 single-player missions, 5 environments with their own day/night cycle, 65 total weapons (with 10 new additions) and will run at 1080p and 60 FPS on both consoles. Seeing how the Worms games have always been gameplay-oriented, with a lower threshold in the graphics department, it would be rather strange if the game couldn’t reach that technical benchmark. What’s also neat is the console-specific benefits; the PS4 light bar will reflect your current worm’s status (green = poison, blue = submerged in water), while the Xbox One has a SmartGlass companion app.

As someone who has been playing various versions of Worms since the early 2000’s, there’s always something refreshing about Team17’s newest releases. Even though the core gameplay elements exist in the variety of wacky weapons, odd voices and ridiculous explosions, Worms Battlegrounds still displays oddities in new ways, including a lot of fart-related weapons. A worms release is a staple that a gaming console has made it,  and certainly the Xbox One and PS4 can make that case the way the consoles have sold early on.

Worms Battlegrounds will be heading for the Xbox One on May 30th, and to the PS4 on June 3rd. Check out the official trailer below, featuring the narration of Katherine Parkinson (Jen from The IT Crowd).


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