Tony Hawk On Future Pro Skater Games: ‘There is a Chance’


Usually when celebrities allow the public to ask them anything on Reddit, they have a very clear intention to answer questions sheepishly and with charm while promoting some sort of product. It is also common for such folk to tease information about upcoming products surreptitiously, which may be the case with Tony Hawk in his AMA today.

When asked about the future of the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series, and its possible return to consoles, here’s what the 46 year-old skateboarder had to say:

"There is a CHANCE of something in the future for newer consoles. In the meanwhile, we are releasing TH Shred Sessions for mobile devices (iOS, Android, tablets) soon-ish. I’m going rogue with information at this point so I better shut up now."

My guess is that the emphasis on chance being in capitalized letters is because of the original developers for the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series. Neversoft has now merged with Infinity Ward to create a super-studio, with a lot more emphasis put into their Call of Duty triennial entries. Because of that, Tony Hawk would likely have to find a new developer to partner with in order to bring future skateboarding games to life on consoles like the Xbox One, PS4 and Wii U.

Dumb & Dumber references aside, it would be awesome to see a new THPS entry made in the vein of the first three entries. The style, music, feel and creativity of those entries brought to life an entire genre of extreme sports games to the mass public, and for it to be revisited on 8th-gen consoles would be a delight.


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