Morning DLC: Video Games News And Rumors 5/18/14


"The latest Xbox One system update is now available to download.The update, which has been available to those signed up to the Xbox One update preview programme for the past week or so, adds new fixes and features to the console.One of the major changes is the addition of a volume slider for Snap mode, which enables users to decide how loud or quiet each window is.This will enable players to more easily run apps like Netflix or Amazon Instant Video alongside games without the in-game sound becoming a distraction."


"When the Xbox 360 and PS3 shipped, they both contained 512MB of RAM. The PS3′s memory was more limited than the Xbox 360 from a developer’s point of view because it was split between system and video duties. By 2013, 512MB was very low compared to what we all got as standard in a new PC or laptop, so when thePS4 and Xbox One both shipped with 8GB, developers were surely relieved.That’s not the case at Crytek, though. The creators of the CryEngine, a game engine that has delivered some gorgeous games, sees that 8GB as a hurdle. In fact, they point out it will limit the games we see during this generation of console hardware."


"At this point, it’s clear that classic Nintendo characters and their respective games are what will help sell the Wii U, not new IPs. But what about something new wrapped up in an old favorite? That’s one accurate description for Hyrule Warriors — Dynasty Warriors in a Legend of Zelda wrapper, and developer Tecmo Koei thinks Nintendo owners will eat it up to the tune of at least one million.That’s exactly what the company’s Yoichi Erikawa said to Nikkei Trendy, and it’ll get there thanks to the longtime protagonist and Dynasty Warriors-styled gameplay. “In gaming, this is a first-time collaboration,” said Erikawa. While the game may not be a “core” title to the LoZ series, it could function as something to satisfy the appetite until a more traditional game is introduced."