Gunnar Gaming Glasses Review


Let me first start off by saying I never would have guessed what I discovered wearing Gunnar gaming glasses.  Gunnar Optiks is not a new company; they have been making glasses since 2007. Since the first time I read about them, I swore I wouldn’t be bamboozled into purchasing such an unnecessary addition to my gaming experience. It is probably a safe bet that many reading this review have felt the same way and that is the reason I am just now giving them a try.

I received my pair from Gunnar about two weeks ago and I immediately removed them from their packaging and couldn’t sit in front of my Xbox One fast enough. I was ready to confirm my suspicions that these were nothing more than a ploy to capitalize on the lucrative gaming industry. However, mere moments after I put them on I began realizing that my previous assumptions could not have been more wrong. I was quite frankly astonished at how much I was immediately enjoying them. Regardless of my initial positive reaction, I felt a full two weeks would be necessary to give a fair and unbiased review.

moments after I put them on I began realizing that my previous assumptions could not have been more wrong

Gunnar sent me one of their newest styles, the Intercept. The pair has a very retro feel, with wide frames and over-sized lenses. They look very fashionable. Not to confuse serious gaming with fashion, but it was a nice touch. The Kryptonite color they sent wouldn’t have been my first choice, but it is a nice showcase of their new Intercept color line. They offer these particular frames in six different colors, Fire (red), Cobalt (blue), Ghost (clear), Kryptonite (green), Ink (purple) and Onyx (black). The frames are light-weight, sturdy and fit snuggly. I was quite impressed with the stylish design and incredible comfort, even for someone who doesn’t wear prescription glasses. They have many different styles and frames, but out of all the others, I did prefer the Intercept line the most.

I tried to pay close attention to the technical aspects of the glasses, from the proprietary lens shape to the amber lenses that noticeably reduced the glare from the screen.  The amber color took a few minutes to get used to, but after that I really enjoyed the tint.  I attached the list of benefits provided on the Gunnar site below.

Enough aesthetics and technical jargon. The reason anyone would be interested in these glasses is how they perform. I played numerous hours of games with these glasses, and every so often I would slide them up and notice the staunch difference in how my eyes felt looking at the screen.  I did not realize just how much my eyes strained while playing a game.  The longer I wore them, the more I loved them, so much so that I began wearing them whenever I was using any electronic device. Whether it was checking emails on my iPhone, working on my computer or even just watching television, I didn’t want to take them off.

The longer I wore them the more I loved them

I was so impressed, I took them over to a friend’s house for a second opinion.  I made him wear them while he finished some web coding to see if he had a similar experience.  As expected, he was also extremely skeptical.  After just a few moments of wearing them, he was sold, ranting and raving about how fantastic they were.   Moreover, he was shocked that they made such a noticeable difference.

If I had to give a complaint, it would be that they did appear to get dirty easily.  When I cleaned them, I had to be very mindful not to accidentally touch the lens, because if I did I would need to clean them again.  Aside from that, I couldn’t really find any other negatives.  They are really something you should add to your list of gaming/computing must-haves.  Gunnar also allows for a 30-day money back guarantee, so I implore you to give them a chance.  They also have a separate corporate link that would enable your business to purchase glasses at a group rate, although that rate is not listed.  In the end, it was not only a pleasure to try these out, but it has forever changed the way I play games, do work in front of a computer and use any digital device.


  • Removes eye-strain while using a digital device
  • Stylish
  • Affordable
  • Can add prescription lenses
  • Comfortable, especially after long hours of use


  • Smudge easily