People More Satisfied With Xbox 360 Than PS3 Says Microsoft


So we all know that the PS4 is absolutely killing the Xbox One in terms of console sales. Why? More power? Better library? Better marketing? According to Microsoft Marketing and Strategy Officer Yusuf Medhi, it’s because 360 owners are more satisfied with their systems and feel less need to upgrade to an Xbox One.

Speaking with Forbes, Medhi gave his thoughts on the sales gap:

"It’s hard to really assess the gap in sales. They’re in many more markets right now than we are. They’re in 40+ markets, we’re in 13. People have been more satisfied with the Xbox 360 than the PS3, so in that respect people have less of a need to upgrade in the short term due to regular updates for the Xbox 360. We could point to any number of things. That said, we’ve heard from a lot of our Xbox fans who say, “Hey look, I want an Xbox One, but at $499, I probably have to wait a little while before I can afford to get one.” I do think we’re going to get people now who move over, and then buy the Kinect later. So I do think the [price point] broadens the appeal and hopefully brings more people to Xbox One sooner."

This just seems like the worst type of spin. Saying PS3 owners were less satisfied is a pretty ludicrous claim. I obviously don’t speak for everybody, but over the last several years of the last generation, between exclusives and things like PlayStation Plus I came to far prefer the PS3 over the Xbox 360 (and I was a pretty adamant 360 fan for the first several years). I still buy plenty of games for it. I haven’t bought a Xbox 360 game since Mass Effect 3. And honestly, that just speaks to awful marketing when you are basically saying that your customers aren’t too impressed with your new hot thing and would rather stick with your old ailing system for awhile longer.

What do you think, GameSided readers? Are you just happy with your 360 and not ready to upgrade at this time? Did you in fact ditch your PS3 to upgrade because you just weren’t that “satisfied” with it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!