Report: Xbox One Will Surpass PS4 In US Sales By 2015


With the surprise announcement yesterday from Microsoft, some leading anaylist are predicting a much sooner than expected sales boost for the Xbox One.  There had been a consensus that if Microsoft began to sell the Xbox One separate from the Kinect, that the massive sales disparity would rapidly decrease.  It had been speculated that by the end of 2016, the Xbox One would have finally surpassed the PS4 in total sales.  However, with this most recent, and quite frankly timely unbundling of the Xbox One from the Kinect, the people at Game Industry International spoke with some industry experts and their new thoughts were,

"This change will be enough to push the Xbox One installed base higher than PS4 in the U.S. and Canada in 2015 rather than 2016."

In case you missed it yesterday, Microsoft made the bold and highly intelligent move to unbundle the Xbox One from its somewhat over-bearing side-kick Kinect.  The new unbundled Xbox One will have the same price point as the PS4 of $399 and this will likely propel Microsoft’s sales.  Along with this announcement, Microsoft also removed many of the Xbox Live requirements in order to watch apps such as Hulu and Netflix.

same price point as the PS4

Before yesterday, in order to enjoy many of the apps associated with the Xbox One you had to pay for Xbox Live.  This was never a big deal for the hardcore gamers (they weren’t paying for the Live service for apps, they paid to play online) but since Microsoft was attempting at cracking into the “casual” gamer/home media market, they had to remove such requirements.  Microsoft didn’t stop there, they also added Games with Gold to the Xbox One.  Can I say… About time!  I had been hoping for months that Microsoft would add Games with Gold to the Xbox One so this couldn’t come fast enough.

The highly competitive console industry just took an interesting turn towards the future.  What, if anything will Sony do to help combat this strategic move by Microsoft?  Will it make a huge difference?  Will the changes that Microsoft just made make you buy an Xbox One?  Do you think the analyst are correct in their predictions that the Xbox One will sell more consoles by the end of 2015?  Leave your thoughts in the comments section.

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