Morning DLC: Video Games News And Rumors 5/13/14


"Square Enix expects to sell 5.23 million fewer video games this fiscal year than it did last year, according to a document (PDF link) released alongside its financial results for the year ended March 31, 2014.The sales forecast refers to Square Enix’s Digital Entertainment Segment, which “plans, develops, distributes and operates Digital Entertainment content primarily in the form of games.” The company’s Amusement Section handles the development and distribution of arcade games machines.In total, the company expects a decline from 17.23 million to 12 million units. Square Enix forecasts the biggest decline in the North American market, where it believes sales will drop from 8.2 million to 3.8 million."


"4A Games is working on “unannounced titles within the Metro universe as well as further, unannounced projects”, powered by its proprietary 4A Engine.The statement above came at the end of a 4A Games press release announcing that the Ukrainian company is set to expand its “triple-A development capabilities” by opening a new studio in Malta.While the existing studio will continue to operate in Kiev, key members of the office including creative director and co-founder Andrew Prokhorov, and chief technical officer Oles Shishkovstov, will relocate to Malta."


"A pair of Valve classics have launched on Google Play, though they’re exclusive to Nvidia Shield devices.The two companies revealed in a joint announcement that both Half-Life 2 and Portal can now be purchased from Google’s store for Nvidia’s handheld.Both titles are priced at $9.99."