If you're ready to blast other gamers into pixels with weapons you've crafted ..."/> If you're ready to blast other gamers into pixels with weapons you've crafted ..."/>

Atari Opens Early Access Program For Minimum


If you’re ready to blast other gamers into pixels with weapons you’ve crafted yourself, your wait just ended.

Atari announced today that Minimum, its uniquely styled third-person shooter, is now accessible via Steam’s Early Access program for $19.99. Anyone taking the plunge will be able to use their standard Steam login and take advantage of their Steam Wallet and Inventory, meaning that crafting items and blueprints can be traded freely with other players.

That’s important because crafting is at the heart of the primary game mode, which is called Titan Mode. It features 5v5 battles with each team trying to improve and protect its Titan in order to eventually destroy the opposing base. Resources gathered during the fray can be used to craft weapons and armor that power up through kill streaks, making players and Titans alike more formidable.

“As a company that’s been known for being a gaming pioneer, Atari’s gone through multiple transformations to bring appealing and unique experiences to the ever-changing gaming audience,” Atari CEO Fred Chesnais said in a press release. “Minimum ushers in the next era of Atari gaming, with its distinctive mix of combat and crafting. We’re excited with the way the game turned out and are thrilled to finally bring Minimum’s exhilarating gameplay to PC.”

I’ve done so well to avoid any puns involving the game’s title, so I’ll just end here by saying you can jump in on the action by visiting the Minimum Steam page or heading to PlayMinimum.com.


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