When it comes to popular games getting ported to handhelds, is it true that t..."/> When it comes to popular games getting ported to handhelds, is it true that t..."/>

New Video Game Releases — Borderlands 2 For Vita, Godzilla: Smash3 And More


When it comes to popular games getting ported to handhelds, is it true that they’re better late than never?

This is a relevant question this particular week because a very popular console title that is nearing the end of its new content life cycle (in other words, it won’t be receiving any more DLC) is just now coming to the PlayStation Vita. It’ll certainly be welcomed there, but considering it was originally released in September of 2012, is it just too long a delay for people to truly care? It’ll be interesting to see.

I’m not going to lie, one of the reasons we’re also discussing this phenomenon is that this is otherwise a pretty slow week for new video game releases. Mobile gamers might have it the best, but it’s not a bonanza for anyone by any means. It might be a good time to catch up on your backlog of games you’ve never played (come on, we all have one!) or just get outside and enjoy the spring weather.

Nah! Let’s check out what is coming out:

Borderlands 2 (Vita) – May 13

IGN got a look at the Vita version of this much-beloved shoot-and-loot game a few months ago and came away a little bit worried. Maybe some games just aren’t destined to find a home on handhelds no matter how awesome they are.

Then again, if Iron Galaxy has the Vita version looking and running its best, this was probably a worthwhile exercise. It does come with six DLC packs included, so it’s got tons of bang for the buck. Hopefully it willcome through with an experience that lives up to the name. Fingers crossed.

Super Time Force (Xbox One, Xbox 360) – May 14

You might not be that familiar with Capybara Games, but the Toronto-based studio makes some good games. So when the folks there came up with the idea for a side-scrolling shooter that allows you to rewind time and team up with the ghosts of your previous lives, it got my attention.

Apparently the core concept has been changed just a bit, but there’s still a pretty clever marriage of classic gameplay and messing with time that looks intriguing. If nothing else, it’ll be something fun to try while we all wait for Capybara to finish Below. Oh, and you get to travel back in time to save the dinosaurs, so there’s that.

Godzilla: Smash3 (iOS, Android) – May 16

Look, I know we’re all tired of match-3 games. Not only have they been done to death, the battle to put interesting twists on the core game mechanics is getting to the point where I pity the game designers who are asked to come up with something that is familiar yet different at the same time.

And yet … it’s Godzilla, smashing his way onto your smartphone or tablet and looking pretty darn cool while doing it. The game is also by the same studio that did some quality console games starring giant monsters. What I’m saying is that we should give Godzilla a chance. Tokyo can tell you what happens if you don’t. Hint: it’s not pretty.

Also releasing this week: Chronology (PC) – May 12; The Last Tinker: City of Colors (PC) – May 12; Soul Sacrifice Delta (Vita) – May 13; Hellraid: The Escape (iOS) – May 15; Moon Chronicles (3DS) – May 15; Ork Attack: Flatulent Rebellion (PC) – May 15