Morning DLC: Video Games News And Rumors 5/12/14


"Capcom has announced it is promoting some of its female workers to executive roles in a bid to highlight the company’s position on gender equality.The corporation made the announcement as part of its recent annual financial review, stating that it plans to “recognise the importance of diversity” by evaluating its employees based solely on performance.Elsewhere in its financial review, Capcom announced that three of its games became million sellers during the last financial year."


"EA, the company behind so many games I won’t even attempt to list them for fear I’d drown in game titles, have today announced they will be closing down over 5o of their online servers for their games.These will be games that have overrun their lasting appeal, which means only a very minuscule amount of their current customers are still using the servers, and therefore are no longer making a profit. So, they are to be shut down on June 30th.The company have argued that the servers they have chosen to shut down are a mere 1% of their business, and they would rather spend the time focussing on the other 99% that the gamers world wide are statistically more interested in."


"Content classification officials in Russia have given EA’s The Sims 4 an adults-only 18+ rating due to a controversial child protection law that passed in 2010.Russian law 436-FZ, which is entitled ‘On Protection of Children from Information Harmful to Their Health and Development’, puts buying restrictions on content that is often deemed universal in other European countries.“We have no plans to alter The Sims 4,” Deborah Coster, a spokesperson for The Sims, told Polygon"