Rift Update 2.7 Binding Of Blood Now Live


Four new souls are available now in Rift, but they’re not the only new goodies in Update 2.7: Binding of Blood. Log in now and you’ll find multi-chapter Soul Quests that explain how the new souls came about and a host of improvements to the UI.

Several new events are coming in the near future as well. The Hellbugs are making another appearance in conjunction with Season 2 of Defiance, a week-long unicorn celebration will be … well, exactly what it sounds like, and Summerfest will bring both fun in the sun and some seasonal quests back to Telara. Expect to see information on all of those happenings, plus more Tier 3 raids and a Greenscale Warfront, in the weeks to come.

The new souls are already live, and they’re pretty interesting ones that flip MMO conventions on their heads:

  • Liberator – a Warrior soul intended as a raid healer
  • Oracle – a Cleric support soul with a full complement of buffs and debuffs
  • Physician – a Rogue soul able to heal allies at a safe distance
  • Arbiter – a Mage soul that proves it’s possible to tank in cloth armor

As for the Binding of Blood part, I’m sure it’s not as sinister as it sounds. Yeah, definitely not. The only way to see for yourself is to play some Rift as soon as possible. And you can keep tabs on everything that comes with Update 2.7 on the Rift Community blog.