Morning DLC: Video Games News And Rumors 5/11/14


"The economics of producing a big, AAA game for the PlayStation Vita don’t work with the traditional process, according to Don Mesa, Director of Product Planning and Platform Software Innovation at Sony Computer Entertainment.Earlier this week, Mesa wrote a post on the PlayStation Blog announcing the release of the slimmer, $200 PS Vita in North America.In the comments section, one fan made the point that while the $200 price point is nice, and might get more people to discover the selection of indies on the platform, Sony did promise the Vita will get “console-quality” games."


"In the wake of E3 soon approaching next month, EA and DICE, the developers behind Battlefront 3, have confirmed they will be revealing much of the highly anticipated game at E3 this year. Developers confirmed that the game would be shown off at the event, and that they are proud of what it can offer, proclaiming that the game is coming along nicely and doing very, very well.With confirmed revelations of the game’s inner details, we can only hope EA show us as much of Battlefront 3 as they can, to assure us the game we know and love is on its way and one heck of a ride."


"Zombies are on the prowl and the only thing humans can do is survive as best they can. That’s the main idea of Sony Online Entertainment’s upcoming free-to-play open world survival game H1Z1. While it sounds very similar to other survival games, right down to the realistic atmosphere and the hordes of the undead, SOE has some lofty ideas for the game in the future.Shacknews had the opportunity to briefly go hands-on with H1Z1 last week, as the developer was putting on a 12-hour marathon live stream. While many of SOE’s ambitious gameplay elements (such as crafting) are a long way from being implemented, the game does seem to nail the foundation of what makes survival games interesting.H1Z1 is very early in development, which is fairly evident by what feels like a limited experience. Taking control of a survivor, the game doesn’t offer any sort of direction on where to go or what to do."