New Deep Down Screenshots Show A Game Of Ice & Fire


While there is yet to be an announced release date for the PS4 exclusive (or even a beta in Japan), Capcom is still promoting their upcoming free-to-play action-RPG Deep Down by releasing screenshots for the game on their Twitter account.

Pictured above and at the bottom of the post, you can see that the game, which begins set in a New York City from the year 2094, will not fall into the futuristic approach of a cyberpunk setting. While aspects of the game may involve settings of that locale, at its heart Deep Down looks to remain a dungeon crawler within an RPG fantasy. One can’t help but feel the fiery and icy contrasting screenshots are shown to highlight the opposing representations within Capcom’s Panta Rhei engine, which is showing early promise with its beauty.

Hopefully Capcom can keep it up when it comes to fan expectations of its pay model. As an online free-to-play game, the one thing that some who disagree with the game will mention (many of which will do so before the game even comes out) is to equate free-to-play games as pay-to-win. If they continue to treat their paid content as non-gameplay-impacting visuals, such as decorations for your apartment, then there shouldn’t be a problem to the majority of fans. It is a free game, after all.

Deep Down will be an online game exclusive to the PS4 when it is released.

h/t GameSpot


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