Sure, last year at E3, Sure, last year at E3,

New Sunset Overdrive Trailer Shows First Gameplay Details


Sure, last year at E3, the first CG Trailer for Sunset Overdrive made a splash, but left a lot of questions. Will the game actually look like the trailer? What will the gameplay be like? Will it be another generic disappointment much like Fuse was?

Well Insomniac Games just released a new trailer for their Xbox One exclusive, and it shows off plenty of the actual gameplay in Sunset Overdrive. It sets the basic world up (evil energy drink might have something to do with people turning into monsters), shows some action and introduces us to a couple of the characters, enemy types and the outright bizarre weapons Insomniac is known for.

My impressions? After being very disappointed with Fuse, which was Insomniac’s first project not bearing the Ratchet & Clank name in a long time, Sunset Overdrive at least looks like it’s going to be the game that proves they aren’t just the Ratchet & Clank guys who can’t really do anything else. Sunset Overdrive seems to feature the fun style, crazy action, creative weapons and great humor that Insomniac Games has basically built it’s reputation on over the years.

That being said, I’m still looking for a game that really screams “next-gen” as far as gameplay. Sure, the graphics might take a hit and there might be fewer enemies on screen, but I’m not seeing anything in Sunset Overdrive conceptually that couldn’t have been done on a PS3 or an Xbox 360. I’m still very much looking forward to Sunset Overdrive, it might even be what sells me on the Xbox One as “must-have” title. But it’s more evidence that these new boxes bring higher fidelity and some cool social aspects, but not much if anything in terms of really new gameplay experiences. I may just have to accept that.

What do you think, GameSided readers? Are you excited by this new Sunset Overdrive trailer? If you don’t have an Xbox One, does it make you want one? Let us know in the comments!