Rumor: New Mass Effect Is Mass Effect: Contact


Sometimes a name, especially a subtitle, doesn’t have a whole lot of specific meaning to a game. It’s just a nifty title. But sometimes you can infer a lot from a subtitle. And if the subtitle of the latest Mass Effect game is true, that could indicate a lot about the game’s setting.

We already know it won’t officially be Mass Effect 4. Noted industry insider Ashan Rasheed tweeted that it would be titled “Mass Effect: _ _nt_ _t”.

Dualshockers thinks the only thing it could reasonably be is Mass Effect: Contact. And, as they point out, “Contact” may have pretty special meaning in the Mass Effect universe.

“Contact” most likely refers to the First Contact War, which might be a pretty cool era to set a Mass Effect game in. And of course being a prequel, it would very neatly side-step any of the lingering questions of what final impact Mass Effect 3 had on the Mass Effect universe.

Of course, “Contact” could also refer to contact with some new mysterious enemy race, basically the next big antagonists in the Mass Effect series, which might also be very interesting. Either way, this is really making me hope that at least the rumors of the next Mass Effect, whatever it is called, is at E3 so we can finally get some answers.

What do you think Gamesided readers? Would you be interested in a Mass Effect prequel that takes place during the First Contact War? Or would you prefer some entirely new and original story? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!