It will not come as a surprise that EA and Respawn Entertainment alrea..."/>
It will not come as a surprise that EA and Respawn Entertainment alrea..."/>

Morning DLC: Video Games News And Rumors 5/7/14


"It will not come as a surprise that EA and Respawn Entertainment already plan a future Titanfall game, but it’s the first time the companies acknowledge this publicly. Electronic Arts has confirmed that the partnership with Respawn will continue, EA chief executive Andrew Wilson stating that they are working on “new Titanfall experiences”. This is far from an announcement of a new title in the series, but it’s something.Rumors say that the next game in the series will drop the Xbox exclusivity, and will come to Sony platforms as well, but EA is steering clear of these questions. The official response is “We do not comment on rumor or speculation. Right now all our focus is on supporting all the fans worldwide enjoying Titanfall.”, but it’s clear that this is not a denial."

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"There’s no shortage of market research companies out there happy to give you their predictions for the coming in years in any particular market. But IDC is certainly one of the more respected researchers out there, and they are making some obvious and not so obvious predictions about the state of the video games market come 2016.First the obvious: by 2016 PS4 will easily be the number one home console on the worldwide market with sales predicted to reach 51 million. We’ve already seen Sony take a big lead over the Xbox One, and that looks set to continue. However, IDC also says that Xbox One will make a comeback and end up taking the top spot in North America. But that will only happen if another IDC prediction comes true: Microsoft unbundles Kinect from Xbox One."


"Activision is betting big on Destiny, the new shooter from Halo creators Bungie Software. They’re spending a record-breaking amount on the game.CEO Bobby Kotick said during the Milken Conference last week that they’re going to spend $500 million on Destiny in total. The company clarified yesterday toReuters that the figure isn’t limited to development costs. It also includes marketing, packaging and other expenses.To put the numbers in further context: Destiny‘s budget is 2.5 times the amount that EA spent on building Star Wars: The Old Republic. It’s nearly twice what Rockstar Games spent on Grand Theft Auto V. GTA 5, the previous record holder for largest game budget, cost $265 million."

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