Ok, so the Xbox One failed to beat out the PS4 in March Ok, so the Xbox One failed to beat out the PS4 in March

Forbes: Titanfall Was A “Pretty Big Miss”


Ok, so the Xbox One failed to beat out the PS4 in March, even with help from Titanfall. But Titanfall was the best-selling game of March, so Titanfall itself was a success, right? Forbes seems to think otherwise.

"While Sony celebrates far fewer copies moved for a game like Infamous: Second Son, EA’s noticeable reluctance to release any information about sales of the game on their end indicates they’re hiding what would be a disappointing figure…All this data, or the lack of it, seems to point to a conclusion that Titanfall was something of a pretty big miss for EA and Respawn, despite almost universally positive reviews and word of mouth at launch. EA keeping these numbers a secret seems like a worse play than coming out and saying ‘We’re proud of Titanfall’s 3m sales to date (or whatever the number is), which is a great start for a brand new IP’. Instead, they’re treating what was supposed to be their new flagship game like they’re ashamed of it."

Granted this is speculation on Forbes part, but EA and Microsoft clearly wanted Titanfall to be their next huge franchise. It selling that much globally across three platforms with that much install base would be considered pretty much a failure. I don’t think this kills any plans for a sequel, though, just makes it almost a lock that Titanfall 2 will be on the PS4. They would be leaving too much money on the table to do otherwise.

Editor’s Note: An aspect that Forbes seems to omit is the notion of the online community. Requiring an online connection to play (due to lack of single player campaign) means that Titanfall’s success will also be dictated by how strong the community stays over time. It may be too early to define Titanfall as a miss just yet, as it’s too early to observe notable trends in concurrent and daily users over a lengthy period of time. Perhaps the first 3 months will provide a better picture. -Daniel 

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