EA Showing Star Wars: Battlefront, Many Others At E3


EA just had its year-end financials call and revealed that it will be showing six new projects at this year’s E3. One will come out this fall. They also confirmed that Star Wars: Battlefront, which was briefly teased at E3 last year, will be making another appearance.

Reportedly all EA studios are working on a Star Wars title in some capacity since EA acquired the licensing rights to make Star Wars games, so we may see other additional games set in that universe.

Although it’s no secret that a new Mass Effect has been in development, it has not been officially unveiled, so that could certainly be a possibility. A new Battlefield may be in the cards as well, as EA is seemingly intent on making that an annual franchise.

One franchise we know won’t be seen at E3 is Need For Speed as the publisher said the next entry is getting a longer development cycle.

It’s too bad that all the previous Star Wars gamed are now considered non-canon, as I’m sure I’m not the only one that was hopeful for Bioware making Knights of the Old Republic 3. This doesn’t mean BioWare wouldn’t be making a new Star Wars RPG, which I would be plenty excited about as well.

What are your thoughts, GameSided readers? You excited for all this potential new IP at E3? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!