Bungie to Show Destiny Multiplayer at E3


It was confirmed today, via the Playstation Blog, that Bungie Studios will unveil the Destiny multiplayer at E3. There had been a ton of speculations that Bungie might reveal some of the many secrets surrounding Destiny at E3 and this news brings all the more anticipation for the annual gaming event.

Bungie, (the creators of the Halo franchise) has been widely regarded as the best developers for console first-person shooters and Destiny seems poised to continue on that legacy.

There was also a new video that Bungie released today regarding the different weapons and armors and loot.  It is quite interesting the loot system that they are employing.  With every Halo game, any enemy killed was first come first serve when it came to looting.  According to this most recent video the loot that is left after an enemy is killed can only be collected by the individual that got the kill.  It really serves as an opportunity to eliminate concerns about picking up ammo and other items left after a kill.

There will be much more learned about Destiny in the coming month leading up to E3, especially the beta, which will be released sometime in June.  According to Bungie, there will be a lot of the game that is accessible for the beta, which will be first released on the PS4/PS3 and then shortly after on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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