Behold: The $500 Luxury NES Console


Sure, you could spend $500 on a shiny new Xbox One. But why do that when you know all the best gaming was back in the NES era? Spend that $500 in style on the Analogue Nt.

What do you get aside from nifty aluminum casing for $500? I’m glad you asked:

"While most other NES-alikes rely on emulation, which can cause issues with video and audio fidelity, the Analogue Nt uses the same Ricoh 2A03 8-bit processor and Ricoh 2c02 picture processor from the original NES. Analogue’s own Christopher Taber, said these parts come from old Famicom systems that are surprisingly easy to get in large quantities; they’re too old and damaged to sell as complete systems, but the chips inside are in great condition. All the other components are newly manufactured in China, and the system is assembled in the United States.Analogue has also added some perks that you won’t find on an original NES, including Famicom and Famicom Disk System compatibility, so you can check out all the games that never made it over from Japan. There’s also RGB, Component and S-Video outputs, an optional HDMI adapter with 1080p upscaling, four built-in controller ports and adjustable color palette settings.Best of all, the Analogue Nt has no lockout chip, which contributed to original Nintendo’s blinking grey screen issues. You won’t have to blow on your cartridges–a method that arguably didn’t help at all–or employ any other fancy trickery to make the system work."

Sadly, there are several things the Analogue Nt does not come with. No games are included with the purchase. No controllers either, but it will work with original NES controllers that you can also buy from Analogue. HDMI cables are also sold separately. But hey, if you’ve got $500 to blow, might as well play those NES games in style!

What do you think, GameSided readers? If you have/had the cash are luxury editions of consoles something you would pay extra for? Let us know in the comments!