We need some new Star Wars games! I'm not saying that because ..."/> We need some new Star Wars games! I'm not saying that because ..."/>

New Video Game Releases — Bound By Flame, God Of War Collection And More


We need some new Star Wars games! I’m not saying that because I’m excited to see what J.J. Abrams can do with a new trilogy (though I am) or because I think it’s cool that the titles we see going forward are going to be canon (even though they are).

No, I just feel that way because May the 4th is getting to be recognized more and more as an unofficial Star Wars holiday, and this would have been the perfect time to have a new game come out. Maybe next year, eh DICE?

What we have instead is … well, it’s not much. There’s an action RPG for multiple platforms, a collection of a popular PS2 franchise remastered for the Vita, and a few other odds and ends. Hardly a cause for celebration, but we like to think positively here at Gamesided, so maybe you’ll find something worth buying and/or downloading.

Onward then. To the games!

MLB 14: The Show (PS4) – May 6

For some next-gen baseball, this is the only game in town. It’s almost guaranteed to be the most visually exquisite representation of the national pastime we’ve ever seen, and it’s even got a special cover just for Canada so our neighbors up north don’t feel slighted.

One question though: is it really necessary to have that subtitle at this point? MLB 14 has no competition, so there’s no way anyone would mistake it for any other baseball game. We get it, the big leagues are known as “The Show,” but … I don’t know. It just seems superfluous.

God of War Collection (Vita) – May 6

This is the first two God of War games in one package, made all spiffy especially for the Vita. Since I know some of you like your graphics stats, the games supposedly run in 720p at 60 fps. That’s good, right?

I can remember when one of my friends got the first God of War how amused we were that Kratos could get himself some red orbs by getting busy with female NPCs. I like to think I’ve matured a little since then. Probably not, but it makes me feel better about myself.

Bound by Flame (PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, PC) – May 9

The name of this game appears to be fairly literal, as your character is taken over by the spirit of a flame demon. You can choose to give the demon parts of your soul in exchange for more power, because isn’t that always the way it works? Or you can stick to your ethics and try becoming a hero the old-fashioned way.

Either way, your choices affect both the appearance of your character and the reactions of NPCs. It sounds pretty cool, and while any dark fantasy action RPG is bound (pun intended) to draw comparisons to Dark Souls or The Witcher, hopefully this is good enough to stand on its own. Also, maybe if you choose all of the demon’s “gifts” you’ll transform into Ghost Rider!

Also releasing this week: Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure (PC, Mac) – May 7