Morning DLC: Video Games News And Rumors 5/4/14


"Perhaps Sledgehammer Games is making a technological statement with the reveal of its first solo Call of Duty title. The recent release of the new trailer – brought forward in the wake of an unexpected leak – is all gameplay, captured from the Xbox One version of the game. This may come as something of a surprise bearing in mind that last year’s COD was at the centre of the Resolutiongate debate, running at just 720p on the new Microsoft console, compared to the native 1080p of the PS4 build.What’s seems clear from an initial viewing of the new trailer is that overall detail level appears significantly increased from Call of Duty: Ghosts. Even factoring in the compression level of the video, an upscaled 720p would present far more in the way of visual artefacts than what we’re seeing here. The question is to what extent Sledgehammer has managed to extract more performance from the Microsoft hardware – our initial impressions based on the overall presentation suggested something close to 900p."

"Bungie will release more information about Destiny’s beta during E3, according to a post to the company’s official website.In response to a question from a fan asking when Bungie will finally release information about the beta, community manager David Dague simply responded: “E3.”Another fan pointed out that we haven’t seen any vehicular combat in Destiny yet either, which was a big part of Halo. To this, Dague again responded by saying we should look forward to E3."


"It’s hard to believe thatEverQuest Next: Landmark has come this far since launch, but thanks to its fast-growing community the game has taken flight. The people at Landmark have have released a trailer thanking everyone for supporting the game and have detailed some of their upcoming plans.The trailer also tells us of a competition they’re running in Landmark in which players submit their best builds and the winners get their creation kept in the game forever."