Morning DLC: Video Games News And Rumors 5/3/14


"Comcast Corp may soon allow customers using its cloud-connected X1 cable box system to buy games from Electronic Arts Inc through their televisions, according to five sources briefed on the plans.Such a partnership would come as the cable company seeks to protect its turf against a new wave of challengers.After two years of testing, Comcast and EA, are close to reaching an agreement to stream video games such as “FIFA” and “Madden,” into the living rooms of some of Comcast’s more-than 22 million customers across the United States, said the sources, who declined to speak publicly before a deal had been struck."

Business Insider

"The shutdown of GameSpy’s servers will affect a wide range of games on both PC and consoles, as we’ve learned over the past month. Halo: Combat Evolved on PC will be among them, but thanks to online service GameRanger, it won’t mean the end for the shooter’s online multiplayer component.Support for the first Halo game (as well as its demo and the multiplayer-only Halo: Custom Edition) was introduced to GameRanger this week (via PC Gamer), meaning it will be possible to continue playing the game online indefinitely. In addition to offering features like friends lists and messaging, GameRanger provides online support for hundreds of games, many of which would otherwise no longer be playable online."


"CCP announced that a new “project” at Fanfest in Iceland, a first-person shooter called Project Legion, that is aimed at the PC. This was met with a round of cheering and applause from the assembled fans. Details were scarce, but what little we were told sounded interestingThe game seems to build on the ideas first tested in the PlayStation 3 shooter Dust 514, although the two games won’t interact in any way. In fact, Dust 514 was barely mentioned during the talk, other than to release some basic milestone. 5.2 million clones have been killed in the game, just in case you’re curious.As for Project Legion, the scope of the project, and whether or not it will be turned into a full-fledged release, seems to be somewhat in the air."